Terms & Conditions

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The following Terms and Conditions apply to any bookings made:

  1. Your pet must be fully vaccinated in line with our vaccination policy, which includes a vaccination against kennel cough for dogs, and vaccinations must be completed a minimum of 14 days before your pet comes to stay with us. Vaccination certificates must be shown each time a pet is booked in.  We will not accept pets without up-to-date proof of vaccination and in these circumstances any deposit paid will be retained.
  2. Your pet must be regularly wormed and flea repellents applied. Pets that are found to have fleas or worms will be treated and a charge to cover the cost of any treatment and disinfecting will be added to your account.
  3. Your pet must be fit and well and you must make us aware of any conditions, allergies, medication or behavioural issues that may exist.  You authorise us to contact your vet in order to obtain medical or behavioural advice or history relating to your pet.  If it is necessary during the stay, you authorise us to contact our vet on your behalf and give consent to any examination, investigation or treatment and accept that any veterinary fees incurred will be paid by you prior to your pet being removed from our premises.
  4. We administer medication free of charge to manageable pets however should a pet risk causing harm to staff or itself whilst medication is being administered, making it impossible to treat, it may be necessary for the pet to be cared for by our vet, either at Chetwynd Firs or at the vet’s surgery, and you accept that any veterinary fees incurred will be paid by you prior to your pet being removed from our premises.
  5. We only accept male cats over 6 months of age if they have been neutered.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any pet that we consider could be dangerous to our staff and in these circumstances any deposit paid will be retained. If you have any concerns about your pet’s behaviour we advise you to arrange a complimentary introductory visit.
  7. The cost of any damage that your pet causes during their stay will be added to your account.  Where two or more pets are sharing a unit you accept responsibility for any incidents that occur due to this request and we reserve the right to board these pets separately and charge separate unit rates should any problems arise during their stay.
  8. Where permission is given to socialise dogs from different households all play is closely monitored however dogs can be unpredictable and therefore you accept that during the course of normal dog play your dog may sustain injuries and that any veterinary fees incurred will be added to your account and paid by you prior to your pet being removed from our premises.
  9. We provide top quality cosy fleecy bedding however you may bring a small lightweight blanket with a scent of home, along with items of food, treats, and play things of your own.  Each item must be clearly marked with your pet’s name and we do not accept responsibility for their condition or safe return.  Uncollected items will be disposed of if not collected within 2 weeks of the departure date.
  10. All prices are per day or part-day. We charge for the day you drop off and the day you collect.  Your pet can be dropped off or collected anytime during our opening hours which we operate strictly.  We operate restricted hours on Christmas Eve and New Years’ Eve and double rates are chargeable for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day when we are closed for drop-offs and collections.  We impose a minimum 5-day charge during local school holidays.  Prices quoted may be subject to change and boarding fees and VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time of payment. We accept payment by cash or debit/credit card (not cheques). You must settle your account in full, including any veterinary expenses, before your pet is removed from our premises.
  11. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If the cost of boarding is less than £50 then full payment is required at the time of booking.
  12. All dates booked are chargeable in full unless 14 days notice prior to the date of arrival is given.  If you collect early you will be charged for the dates that you booked.  If you do not notify us of a cancellation we reserve the right to charge in full for the period booked.
  13. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that only healthy pets are accepted and that the highest hygienic conditions are maintained, we accept no responsibility for any injury caused or escape and our boarding facilities are used entirely at your risk.  We do not accept liability for any disease incubating, including kennel cough, or natural death or illness occurring. If a pet requires veterinary attention whilst with us, and this expense is not covered by our insurance policy, the cost will be added to your account.
  14. We only use our own images on our website and marketing material. Your consent for your pet to be photographed or used in any media or advertising by Chetwynd Firs is assumed unless you notify us otherwise in writing.
  15. We reserve the right to re-home or otherwise dispose of any pet not collected within 14 days from the agreed collection date if no written correspondence has been received and if payment is not received.