Norman (5* FB Review)
I collected my cat Norman today after his first stay. The girls there didn’t want to let him leave  because they enjoyed having him there! They genuinely care for you cat and it shows. Lovely staff - made it a lot easier for me to leave him for the first time knowing I was getting the daily pictures and he was being cared for so well. Such a great service - thank you!
Tommy & Charlie – December 2018 (5* FB review)
My cats come here when ever we go away.  It certainly is the right thing to do, for they are used to humans and would be very stressed if left on their own. Chetwynd Firs Kennels & Cattery is the best place for ones beloved animals. Thanks everyone
Harley – December 2018 (5* FB Review)
Harley had an amazing time here. I was scared to leave him in kennels again after previous bad experiences with another kennel. Was recommended Chetwynd by a friend & as our honeymoon was booked we took a chance & it’s the best chance we took. Harley stayed for 2 weeks (the longest he’s been away from us). We got regular pup-dates & was reassured. When we came to collect him he greeted us, then wanted to go back with the staff... something he’s never done. Will definitely be coming back & recommending this place. Thank you again to the staff that made Harleys stay so amazing.