Kennels Shrewsbury

Dog Boarding Kennels in Newport, Telford near Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton and Stafford

At Chetwynd Firs we pride ourselves on the care we give. We have animal care qualifications and can administer medication, including injections.
Our prices are all-inclusive – Your dog will be walked twice a day in our woodland on a 1to1 basis and dogs staying for 7 days or longer receive a complimentary bath. We feed ’super premium’ quality food from Arden Grange and provide cosy bedding (although you can bring your own and some toys if you wish). Nervous dogs can be boarded away from more boisterous ones and you can drop your dog off or collect them any time during our opening hours.  We also offer a Daily crèche, a ‘bath and blow dry’ service, extra walks, and doggy play-sessions on an individual or group basis.
Please come and see the kennels anytime during our opening hours – there’s no need to make an appointment.  We welcome only fully vaccinated dogs (including ‘kennel cough’) at Chetwynd Firs.